Welcome to Community Presbyterian Church

John. C Martin IIIJohn C. Martin III, Minister

God is; and He is Who He says He is. The Scripture is His special Revelation to the world. It is, from Genesis to Revelation, a thoroughly Christian document. It reveals God's intent to cleanse the world of sin, and to free His chosen people of their depravity through faith in the atonement of Christ Jesus, the eternally begotten Son. Through faith in Jesus, God the Spirit preserves His people forever. In response to His gracious provision, His people are to live lives of holiness and obedience to every word that has proceeded from the mouth of God. We therefore affirm the creedal formulations of the ancient Church: The Nicene Creed, The Formula of Chalcedon, The Apostles Creed, The Westminster Confession, and the Westminster Catechisms.

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Pastor's e-mail address: pastor@cpctyler.com